Planning and development of water resources pose challenging tasks that require the latest technologies, expertise, ingenuity and balance in meeting the conflicting demands of the social economy and the need for a sustainable ecosystem. At Zaaba, this sector forms one of the key areas in the strategic long-term development of the organization. So far, Zaaba has been fortunate to have carried out numerous varied projects in this sector, enabling it to gather the necessary experience and expertise. The firm has also been forging ahead in acquiring and applying the latest technologies and has emerged among the leading consultants in this field. Over the years, Zaaba has affirmed its reputation for its capability in feasibility studies and the design and implementation of multi-purpose water resources project involving water supply, irrigation, flood control, dams, drainage and stormwater management, river improvement, watershed management and river basin studies. This is demonstrated by the government's confidence in awarding projects such as the preparation of guidelines and manuals in this field for the country. Recent projects, such as the institutional and legal study for the Selangor River Management Institution, have broadened the firm's experience and capability to perceive water issues from higher perspectives
Transportation infrastructure, an important engine of growth that provides the vital connections that link people and their activities across a country as well as around the globe. Recognizing its importance to the development and growth of a nation, the transportation sector at Zaaba has evolved and systematically grown in complexity from the design of simple rural roads to the parallel runways and taxiways of the prestigious Kuala Lumpur International Airport. The firm provides value to its clients in planning and engineering by clarifying their needs, challenging assumptions and developing solutions with the highest level of quality and performance. To date, Zaaba has been entrusted by the government to handle some of the country’s notable projects such as the Upgrading of Route B15 to Putrajaya and Cyberjaya, the Technical and Economic Feasibility Study of the Trans-Asia Railway and the Asset Management Study for State Roads.
Elegance, efficiency and economy—the essential elements of engineering that forms the basis of works carried out at Zaaba. Through the application of technology and experience, we provide creative, and frequently non-traditional, solutions in the integration of client needs, architecture and engineering requirements. In providing its services, the firm’s focus is on value engineering, often presenting, reviewing and comparing—together with architects and other consultants—various alternatives before arriving at the best solution for the client. An example is the redesign of two international class hotel and office towers in Kuala Lumpur involving at least three different structural concepts, giving a substantial saving of the structural cost while shortening the construction period. The firm’s experience embraces all aspects of engineering from site development and infrastructure, commercial, residential, institutional, industrial, dams, bridges and pre-cast technology for the public and private sectors.
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